January 2018.
Prophetic Dream:
A watchman on the wall!
Kamrun Nathasingh

In my dream I was inside a building with a group of strangers. Then I heard allot of noise coming from the outside. By the look on the people faces inside, It appear to me as if they were afraid of what was happening on the outside. As I lay on my bed covered I heard people inside whispering, they are shooting people outside. While I continue to lay on my bed, i watched and i listened. Then I saw two women well dressed in black suits wearing sun shades. As i kept watch, i observed they were trying to negotiate a deal for funeral wreaths to be made a certain way. Then I heard the owner of the business kept negotiating back. I cannot do the old but, i will do a new one. Unwilling to accept the new deal they smiled as they continued with the negotiation. Suddenly, the noise from the outside came close to the door where we were. A man then spoke and said, they were near, they are coming to kill us. He then shut the door with us inside and said, I have shut the door for our safety. Suddenly, as he spoke i discerned we were set up. By then the two women negotiating pulled out blades and cut off the business man head. Then they went after those in the room and started to cut off their heads too. As i watched people dying I became afraid they would kill me next so, I jumped from under the covers and grabbed their blade and fought hoping to slice their neck off first. Unfortunately, on my first try I failed but, I was able to slice one of the woman hand. Second attempt i failed again and slice her other hand. Then my flesh told me i was no professional killer like those two. Nevertheless, i ignore the voice and continue to fight. On my third try a strength came over me and I slit the two women neck and I watch them fall. After I was finished. I went to the door and opened it wide hoping those trapped will be free to run outside with me. Nevertheless, they stood standing with a shock on their face. It was then i realized those in the room was in disguised with the two woman.
It was all a set up!
As I was fleeing hoping to find police officers my dream ended.