Prophetic Revelation:
A watchman on the wall!
Kamrun Nathasingh

Isaiah 21:6 In the meanwhile, the Lord said to me, put a watchman on the city wall. let him shout out what he sees. He should look for chariots draw by pairs of horses,and for riders on donkey and camel, let the watchman be fully alert.

John 10:10 The enemy plans is to destroy as many of God's children as he can. He comes to steal, kill and destroy, but God came to give us life.

As the enemy is plotting to kill us. God often uses dreams and visions with symbols to help us to interpret what He is trying to show us.

Revelation to my dream:
"The funeral wreath in my dream represents death" The enemy is sending his army in disguise. "The sunshade and clothes they wore" is a cover up." They will disguise themselves in sheep clothing to distract us from what is really happening behind the scene.

As they come they will try to negotiate with us false doctrine. "The old" However, we must hold fast to what we know. Some of God children would even get killed for standing up for the new covenant. The gospel of Jesus Christ." We would be laugh at but, some of us will not negotiate back to the old ways of our ancestors.

The enemy hopes is for us to live in fear, so he will keep lying to us. Nevertheless, God is sounding the alarm to those He have called and anointed.The purpose for the alarm is for the watchman to intercede as God reveal His secret to us. God don't want us to be afraid nor does He want us to live in fear. "The Bed" represent rest. As we rest in God. He will cover us and allow us to discern danger. As we prayer He will help us with our fights and lead us to our victory. 
Don't give up! As intercessors we must watch and prayer.

Pay attention:
The enemy will try to destroy all those who are a threat to his kingdom. He will try to shut down those who are called and make us afraid. He will mock us to make us feel intimidated. He will use our mind to distract us. He will try to use our own thoughts against us with hope to derail us. Example. He will tell us we are not strong enough, we are not powerful enough. He want us to believe we cannot match up to his strength but, we must remember it is not our strength we stand on.We have a greater power living inside us.

Isaiah 5:8 Then your salvation will come like dawn and your wound will quickly heal. Your Godliness will lead you forward and the glory of the Lord will protect you from behind.