April 22, 2018
Prophetic Dream!

In an early morning dream i saw a few men and a women kidnapping people and putting them in a white van. What caught my attention was one of the kidnapper who was a woman knew that I had seen them so Immediately, she came up to me and started a fight. As we struggle I fought hard and in the end i won the fight. Then I walked up to where the white van was and opened the door, but to my surprised. I saw a woman tied up with chains and there were others with her. Immediately, I released the people and last i pulled the woman who was chained out from the van. Now as i started to remove the chain from her feet the kidnappers saw me and they started coming after me and the dream ended.

My God- God is exposing evil and i would not be silent, The enemy has stolen God's people and he is bounding them up. Prayer warriors I am sounding the alarm it's time for intercession. Would you please join me today as we fight for the release of God's people. 

Remember, one can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousands.