April 22, 2018
Prophetic Dream!

I saw in an early morning dream a few men and a women kidnapping people and putting them in a white van. What stock with me was, the woman knew I saw what was happening, 😎 so she came up to start a fight with me. However, as we struggle I fought and i won the fight.( Greater is He in me.) Then I walked up to where the white van was and i opened the door to see who was inside and there I saw a woman tied up with chains. I immediately pulled her out from the van and started to remove the chain from her so she can be free from them. When the enemy saw what I have done they started to come after me and the dream ended.

My God! The enemy has stolen God's people and he is bounding them up. God is exposing it.

I will not sit quiet or stay silent.

Prayer warriors: it is time for intercession. We must fight with our prayers for the release of God's people and also pray for me. Please join with me as we come together in one accord. We need to set the captive free so they too can come under God's covering of protection.

One can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousands. Will you join with me today with your prayer?