Not every one understand the prophetic ministry and they cast judgement, but the Lord will have me say this morning touch not His anointed and do His prophets no harm.

Many of you don't understand the grief and pain, the sadness and loneliness a person who has been called into the prophetic ministry carries on their shoulder. The pain sometimes can feel unbearable. However, God has anointed them for the task. The most important part of this gift is to prayer and interceed on behalf of what God is revealing.

Understand this is not a easy job. Some of you may ignore the importance, but God knows without His prophets and intercessors His people would perish. This is why He has called and anointed them to go into battle at 'His call."

Understand an anointed prophet/ intecesser do not have any specific times to prayer. They are on call twenty four hours. Night or day! Many nights while you are at rest. God usually wakes up a prophet/intecessor to wage war against the enemy on your behalf.

When God is leading a prophet not only he sees, but also sense and feel people's pain, sickness grief etc.

Many times a prophet don't always understand what is happening. In many cases he or she thinks something is wrong with themselves, but in reality the pain, suffering and tears they carry are not their own.

There are times when they see and sense death and they feel the pain of loss even before it happen.

Understand all prophets are intecessor, but not all intecessor are prophets. There are many functions to a prophet, but the most important part of their gift is prayer.