April 10, 2018

In my prayer time this morning I had a vision. I saw a huge crowd of people. I saw a person in the image of Jesus Christ. As I look i saw Him standing in the middle of the crowd with his hands forward pushing away darkness from the people.  When I saw his hand out it reminded me of Moses and the staff. Then I saw an arch across the sky and it was covering the crowd. Then I saw a sissors, an old time school bell an a huge full moon.

What does all this mean. To my prophetic friends please prayer with me as God unfold what He is trying to show us. After you have prayer you can share with me if God gave you any revelation to this vision. I know there is allot more meaning to this, so I am pressing on with prayer until I have complete revelation.

I believe God is in the middle of His people fighting and pushing back the evil forces from among us. His covering is upon His people. He is pruning us as He prepare us for such a time as now.

 Friends the time is now. We cannot give up, we have to press in and trust God. He is in control! He is working it out for us, we may not understand what He is doing, but we have to trust Him. Believe Him. He have it all figured out. He is not blind to our cry He hears us. We don't serve a dead God, our God is alive and He is well able to keep us.