Soul Project!  we have a simple concept- we collect shoe and put in the feet of those in need. After shoes are collected it goes to the ware house to be  package and shipped to Ghana, Haiti, Africa or where ever God leads. While sharing out the shoes our team are committed to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to whoever will listen. I believe together we can make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

Founder Martin Kumi: 

The Soul Project, INC,. started with a personal experience walking 10 miles to school barefooted. It all started with a devastating personal experience that caused the Soul Project to become a successful reality. walking about 10 miles to school barefooted. this experience came back to mind after having the opportunity to be in the United States. The urge to change the lives of children that are in the same situation I was in as child often stuck me.  Later I came to the realization that my help is needed back at home, Ghana and also all around the world, to give hope for a better tomorrow and a better future.


Would you like to donate your slightly used or new shoes? please email me or you can ship directly  to:

The Soul Project

5051 Snap-finger Woods Dr

Decatur GA 30035

info @

Phone: 678.518.0777

 Shoe drive at Home Depot

 Atlanta GA. 2011

 The Goddard School and Prodigy Point  Early child hood Education

 Snellville GA. 2012   


My grand baby playing the piano unto the Lord!

St Paul's Missionary Baptist NC

Serving the needs of- Hospice Care NC



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